Natural Dyes


Natural living colours are made out of pure collected plants, leaves, bark, roots, flowers. They are unaltered, only dried and used accordingly to ancetral knowledge combined with new innovation and technology to transfer the beauty of nature onto the fabric and let the be light captured and reflected by the natural dyes.

Using only natural non-toxic fixing agents, the integrity and purity of natural ressources used remain in their initial state of purity or if polluted can even be cleansed or improved by this natural process.





Fair Made

 2014-03-12 17.30.11Making things with care is our credo: care for the ressources and care for every one participating in the process.

Our path to making things fair is to know the people and partners we work with personally and to build long term relations and cooperations.

We beleive the core of working well together is to make sure to share the same path, the same aim and to walk alongside as equals.

While certifications are helpful to trace back  in a larger perspective it can never replace the direct human contact which we give even more value to.

Our long lasting partners are Aura Herbal in India who are among other certificates GOTS certified.




 Organic cotton

 Cotton plant and seed on white backgroundCotton is one of the most comforable fiber to wear on a daily basis.

Choosing Organic cotton helps balance on one hand to maintain a natural balance in nature and helps small farming families to make a living with dignity autonomy and in healthy circumstances.

The more you wear our organic cotton the softer it will become.