DE Collections

DE Collections

DE Shine Concept offers a range of casual women's wear celebrating living colours and the individual beauty of women.

DE About the Collection

DE Concept

DE The Concept behind the collections is a consicous choice of carefully handcrafted styles, organic and vegan material in harmony with nature and human respectul lifestyle.


DE Colours of Nature

DE Imagine that every colour you wear is a pure gift of Nature that continues to shine like the radiant colour of a flower in the sun...

DE Botanical Dyes

DE Be Truely Who You Are

DE Style is a suggestion to enhance your inner beauty and express what matters to you in a joyful unspoken way

DE Living Colours

DE Sensuous experience of wearing living colours on your skin

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DE Express your own creativity with natural dyes! With the DIY Tutorial and the range of the collection to dye yourself you can create your custome made garment and change it with time - making it last and make it evolve with you.